Dominion Set Generator ("Beta" - Stats version)

Dominion Set Generator (Beta - Stats Version)

This is a simplified form of Dominion Set Generator that has a button for generating card distribution stats but removes a lot of the tweakable settings. It was inspired by code from Matt E. (LastFootnote) and an ensuing discussion on

Click on "Generate Stats" and the generator will attempt to generate a lot of kingdoms (currently 200). This can take a long time (if you can read the javascript console log it will display some progress -- on my computer it takes about 1 second to generate 10 kingdoms). It will then display a list of how frequently each card was picked.

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About (continued)

Dominion Set Generator (Stats Edition) is written by Wei-Hwa Huang, with some code from Matt E (LastFootnote). E-mail Wei-Hwa at onigame at gmail tod com if you have any comments or feature requests.