Dominion Set Generator ("Beta")

Dominion Set Generator (Beta)

This is a tool that randomly (but NOT uniformly) generates sets of (usually) 10 Kingdom cards for the card game Dominion. It uses a somewhat complicated algorithm and a really complicated data set to make the generation very customizable.

If you leave the settings on "default", you'll get a generator that tries to generate "balanced" sets -- sets that have bits of everything and are fun to play. To get a traditional "pure uniformly random" selection, change the "Overall Balance" field to 0. And to get screwy sets, try setting it to a negative value.

More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Basic Controls

Cards Picked

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Sets Owned

Click on which sets you own. When you generate a set, the generator will remember your settings here.

Global Settings

Cards to force into set (comma-separated):
Overall Balance:

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About (continued)

Dominion Set Generator is written by Wei-Hwa Huang. E-mail him at onigame at gmail tod com if you have any comments or feature requests. Wei-Hwa is especially interested in Javascript UI gurus who can make this page look nice.

Yes, Donald X. has looked at earlier versions of this and given some helpful tips and directions.

Feel free to use the results of the card picker, but if you want to use the code, talk to me about licensing.

Link to API

Sample Page showing how to use the API

Some notes about the algorithm (currently broken)

Here's a list of some features I'm planning to add, so don't bother requesting them. Do tell me which ones you'd like to see first though:

Update Log

12-12-17 UPDATE: Added Hinterlands and Cornucopia cards, decreased the weights towards keeping cards in the same expansion somewhat.
12-12-20 UPDATE: Added an "Overall Balance" flag.
12-12-21 UPDATE: Added Shelters, Platinum/Colony, Young Witch, moved Update Log to bottom. The major settings (expansions owned, overall balance, cards to force into set) are saved.
12-12-31 UPDATE: Added "Donline" rules -- choose Shelters and Platinum/Colony based on all cards you own, instead of just the set of 10. Donald recommends this for online play for more variety.
13-01-09 UPDATE: Someone suggested that "Always" is misleading -- it implies "Give me at least one of these", which is very confusing if you choose multiple categories. (E.g., if you say "Always Prosperity and Always Alchemy", you'll end up with a set that's all Prosperity and Alchemy, but it might be 10 Prosperity with no Alchemy or vice-versa.) I changed the word to "Only" to see if that helps.
13-01-10 UPDATE: Decreased the default strength of Branchers ("Villages") and the density of the small sets. Generally it was a bit too eager to add Branchers, and it turns out that too many Alchemy cards does not make things very fun.
13-01-13 UPDATE: Significant changes to the default weights based on Matt E. on dominionstrategy creating a useful statistical analysis tool.
13-01-13 UPDATE: Some rearrangement of page elements to try to make things more user-friendly.
13-01-14 UPDATE: Thanks to Donald for the idea, we now can make Uniform sets! A Uniform set uses the same underlying engine, but generates lots of parallel sets with independent cards to ensure that each card has an equal chance of showing up.
13-06-12 UPDATE: Added display of which set each card came from.
13-06-14 UPDATE: Added Guilds.